Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kids & insomnia

I think you'll be able to see what time I posted this, but I'll go ahead and disclose that it's 3:11 a.m. I went to bed at a respectable time --- about 10 p.m. I was tired too! When Judy joined me at 11 or so, she snuggled up and I went right on snoozing. Then all hell broke loose.

My nights are no longer a time and place of quiet solitude. (Except of course when I'm awake blogging at 3 a.m. Then there's nothing stirring.) At 11:45 p.m. tonight, a certain 5-year-old came padding into our bedroom crying because his legs hurt. We've had the doctor check him repeatedly and she assures us that Tommy is orthopedically sound. When I was young, I recall having shin splints, but nothing that reduced me to tears. So we're left to wonder if Tommy's frequent bouts are "growing pains," cramps, nightmares, or a convenient excuse to have Mommy come sleep with him. As he grows older, I hope he can better articulate the source of his discomfort. I believe he is hurting, but I don't know if it is physical or psychological.

Thanks to a microwave bunny beanbag and 1 1/2 teaspoons of ibuprofen, Tommy quieted down and fell asleep in his bed with Judy. Meanwhile, back in our bed, I was wide awake. So I busted out the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel and finished off the last 30 pages. At 1 a.m., I shut off the light, started to drift away... and I heard a bedroom door open & shut. More shuffling of little feet, and... enter Huston. "I have to go pee." Yay for big boy pants and big boy beds! How I long for the good ole days of crib confinement and a nice absorbent diaper. I got up and helped him turn on the light in the bathroom. Huston did great and used the toilet successfully. Just as I was ready to shut off the light and escort him back to his bedroom, he climbed right into our bed and occupied Judy's spot with a smug look on his face. How could I say no?

I have always found it difficult to actually sleep with others. After many years of practice, I am now more comfortable sleeping with Judy in the bed than by myself. However, I can't say the same for sleeping with my kids. Tommy is a big kicker. There is simply no way to get a restful night's sleep with him in the bed. (I don't know how Judy does it. I pity his spouse in 20 years.) Huston is more of a snuggler, so I worry more about squishing him if I roll the wrong way. So after 15 minutes of insomnia tonight, I threw in the towel and moved to the couch. For those of you scoring at home: Huston's bed is empty, Tommy & Judy are in his bed, and Huston is alone in our bed.

And here I am on the couch blogging at what is now 3:41 a.m. I actaully just yawned, so I am going to shut down and try to get some rest now. I just have to smile when I think of my little boys. They are sweet and loving and want to be with Mommy & Daddy all the time. It's amazing the things they think, say, and do. I'm glad that they are getting a good night's sleep. Maybe in a few years, I'll do the same.

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