Monday, June 11, 2007

Sick Again

Those of you who know me know that I suffer from allergies every spring. I'm also a huge wimp when it comes to being sick. I discovered with our first son Tommy that illness is a way of life with a child in daycare. Now that Huston is also going to daycare I somehow thought I had earned a reprieve. Good theory...

I've never had as many (for the lack of a more descriptive term) boogers as I've had since becoming a dad. I mean, my nose is stuffy pretty much all the time! I've already had one cold this spring (on top of hay fever) and now I'm starting another one. I'm sure Judy can't wait to deal with me this week.

It's interesting that at a time when I am healthier than I've been in two years (I'm lifting weights with a trainer at the Y, taking Yoga twice a week, taking daily vitamins and fish oil, and eating healthier), I'm still getting sick. Almost makes one wonder, "What's the point?" Who knows, maybe I'll kick this thing before it kicks my butt.


Wine is becoming my passion. There's a wine shop in Gastonia that's wonderful. The owner and the sommelier are great at finding wines that appeal to my palate. I also love to cook and pair wines with the food. I'll talk more about this in future postings. Particularly when I find good pairings and/or phenomenal wines I've tried.


I saw a friend of mine on Saturday who looked like he'd been punched in the face. Before I could stop myself I blurted (yes, literally blurted), "What did you have done to your face???" Apparently he had fat removed from under his eyes and Lasik surgery. I can tell you... immediately post-op he had a sunken, gaunt, bruised appearance. Hopefully over the next few weeks the healing will result in a more youthful visage, but I can't help but wonder if he just had bad plastic surgery. I'll try to remember to update you on this the next time I see him.


That's about it. My throat is sore, my body is achy, and I'm basically feeling really sorry for myself. I think I'll head to bed now and try to get a good night's sleep. There's pretty good odds that we'll be up with Huston several times tonight. If we're up then maybe I'll think of more interesting things to write about.

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